Professional saxophone from Buffet Crampon model S1 from approx. 1976. The model S1 was produced until 1985 and is the successor to Buffett's popular model Super Dynaction.


A vintage instrument with a touch of history. This New Wonder Series I alto saxophone from approx. 1923 is a handmade instrument that you do not make any more!


Pre-owned Yamaha YTS-61 tenor saxophone. This is a popular "purple logo" instrument, overhauled by Magnus Wiinblad in 2018.


Used Selmer alto sax model SA80 Series II from 1986. The saxophone is overhauled at our workshop and sold with the original case.


Selmer alto saxophone from 1988. Super Action 80 series II is one of Selmer's really popular saxophones. It fits most styles and levels, amateur or professional.


Conn 6M Lady Face from 1954. Vintage alto saxophone from just the right period. Overhauled.

Original case included.


Vintage SML (Strasser & Marigaux) from 1962.
Serial number 18197. 
Overhauled by Micah Keiser in 2018. 


Used Selmer alto saxophone model Super Action 80 from approx. 1985. The saxophone is overhauled in 2019 and is sold with a case by Jakob Winter.


Used Selmer Tenor saxophone, Serial number 615062
Without case and mouthpiece


Vintage Mark VI #170782 (1969)
Overhauled 2018 (Peter Jessen)
Previously owned by Dexter Gordon
Without case or mouthpiece

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