Vandoren V16 metal T6M tenor sax

Vandoren V16 metal T6M mouthpiece for tenor sax. A very versatile mouthpiece with a medium tip opening.
Recommended for use with the JAVA and ZZ reeds strength 3.

Model: M107420

Vandoren V16 metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone

Vandoren's V16 metal mouthpieces are inspired by the legendary Otto Link mouthpieces from the 1950's. Gold plated 24 karat.
Available in tre different chambers for each opening: 

  • Small (1960's): A small chamber that gives a slimmer, edgier sound with lots of center (Think Michael Brecker).
  • Medium (1950's): A medium chamber that balances richness and articulation.
  • Large (1940's): A large chamber that gives a rounder, airier sound (Think Ben Webster).

The opening you choose depends on which sound you want. A smaller mouthpiece (like the T5 or T6) will give you less flexibility but will be easier to play. The more open mouthpieces requires a bit more a air but works well with softer reeds, which will give you a more 'elastic' feeling and lets you bend the tone more easily. 

T5 (Opening = 2,35 mm / Medium Facing)

Only available with L chamber. We recommend the following reeds:


T6 (Opening = 2,50 mm / Long Facing)
Recommended with L chamber and the following reeds:


T7 (Opening = 2,65 mm / Medium-Long Facing)
Recommended with M chamber and the following reeds:


T8 (Opening = 2,77 mm / Long Facing)
Recommended with S or M chamber and the following reeds:


T9 (Opening = 2,95 mm / Long Facing)
Recommended with S chamber and the following reeds:


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