Exercise your hand strength, finger agility, and endurance with a Gripmaster hand exerciser. 


Lyre for trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn bell. The bracket is covered with felt so it doesn't scratch the bell.

Riedl 203

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FlowPartner helps with airflow, stamina, register, developing the embouchure and more features. Available in 3 sizes, choose the size that fits your mouthpiece.


Visualizer for better embouchure control. Silver plated with wooden handle. For brass players.
Contains 1 visualizer!

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Svend Kragelunds erfaringer fra et langt musikerliv. I bogen kan du læse om de mange aspekter af det at spille på et messinginstrument.


Extension set for ERGObrass. Telescope extension for you, who prefer to play standing with your ERGObrass support.


The safe way to remove stuck mouthpieces.
Suitable for all brass instruments.


ERGObrass Trumpet Support is built from the concept that all brass instruments are too heavy to carry while playing. This model also fits flugelhorn and cornet.