Breath Builder

Two sizes are now available!

The breath builder improves the breathing technique of singers and wind instrumentalists.


Breath Builder

Large: 150 mm. (recommended for adults and well-trained wind players) 

The loose tube is mounted onto the cylinder's spigot. By alternately exhaling and inhaling the ball in the cylinder can be held up constantly. The exhale/inhale function should not be too excessive, merely intense enough to hold up the ball. It is important that you do not shift between exhaling and inhaling too often. To feel the effect try and make the periods of exhaling and inhaling as long as possible.

The air trainer has two tubes which allow for different levels in difficulty. The level should be chosen based on your own vital capacity (the amount of air you are able to expel from your lungs).

Medium level - thick tube with small holes
High level - thick level with large holes

Regulating the levels: 

Easy level - both holes closed
Medium level - one hole closed
High level - both holes open

The air trainer works primarily in three ways:

1) When singing or playing a wind instrument you are prone to stopping the tone when your airflow can no longer carry it. By working with the air trainer you will be able to increase your vital capacity and strengthen your airflow.

2) Ideally, the in- and exhaling muscles should work in "shifts". However most people cannot differentiate the two sets of muscles, and unconsciously tense up in both the active and passive muscles when playing. Working with the air trainer can help the body get used to using the muscles alternately and make your breathing more efficient and relaxed.

3) Brasswind players can train their embouchure simultaneously by placing their mouthpiece in the tube and play up the ball. When doing this exercise the cylinder should be held at an angle between the vertical and horizontal to lessens the resistance slightly. 

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