Best Brass er et Japansk firma der producerer dæmpere og mundstykker med en helt ny form og tilgang til design. Warm-up dæmpere samt elektroniske e-brass dæmpere til trompet, kornet, basun og horn.

Your choice:

Nano mute that can be used for wah-wah mutes, as a key hanger 
or to put on once mouthpiece.


Fits Bb and C trumpet
Made out of aluminum
Easy to intonate with


Straight mute for Bb-trumpet, C-trumpet, and Bb-cornet
Made in aluminum with a bottom in brass.


Practice mute for trombone 
Made out of aluminum
Easy to intonate with


Fits C-trumpets, Bb trumpets, and Bb-cornets.
Integrated sound system. 
AUX in/out that makes it possible to listen to music while playing.


Gold plated trumpet mouthpiece
Medium depth cup