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The Alliance mouthpiece for the soprano cornet was developed with the famous Belgian brass band cornetist Bert Van Thienen.

The small cup and a bore of 3.6 mm give this mouthpiece a brilliant sound in the middle and especially in the high register. The mouthpiece is also well suited for the piccolo trumpet with a cornet receiver.


Alliance Baryton mouthpiece B6 with the gold-plated rim is perfect for brass band.

The rim is slightly narrower for more clarity.


Alliance mouthpiece for tenor horn. The mouthpiece was developed with the British tenor horn virtuoso Owen Farr.

The mouthpiece is silver-plated with a gold-plated rim.


Alliance Prestige Baritone mouthpiece B5 with gold plated rim and cup gives a big and full sound.

The mouthpiece is developed by world-renowned euphoniumvirtuoso Steven Mead.


Alliance mouthpiece for euphonium is designed and tested by the legend David Childs.

Silver plated with a gold plated rim.