Bach Stradivarius LT16M Trombone Bb

Bore: Medium (0,509")
Includes: Hard case and Bach 7C mouthpiece

Yellow Brass Gold Brass Solid Silver
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Model 16M is the largest of Bach's small bore trombones, and features a .509" bore. This is almost the same size as the old King 3B, which makes it a popular choice amont jazz players. Compared to the King 3B, the horn is a bit heavier, it is still surprisingly flexible and responsive. We think this is one of the most versatile trombones on the market - especially if you need to play both jazz and symphonic. Needless to say, this is NOT a trombone for the classic player. But the 16M can be used for lighter symphonic or chamber work.

If you're used to playing a large bore trombone, but sometimes need a smaller model, the 16M is a very good option. The gooseneck is more open than the regular model 16 (which is a dual bore, and has a more conical feel. Though the tone in dual bore trombones is nice, many players feel that are slightly out of tune.

Though the years, the 16M has been one of Bach's best selling trombones. Part of this probably has to do with Bill Watrous, who played this model for more than 30 years. Along with the Bach 42, the 16M is the favorite of many, many trombonists.

Bell: 7,5" One-piece
Slide: Nickel


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