Yamaha YSS-62R soprano sax #10636

Yamaha YSS-62R soprano sax, vintage from the late '80s. This is one of the popular Purple Logo saxophones from Yamaha, overhauled in 2019 by Peter Jessen.


Yamaha YSS-62R soprano sax

Yamaha's YSS-62R with a one-piece body and curved neck has become a truly sought after vintage saxophone. The model, which is actually a "Purple Logo" was produced in the years 1982-1992 and forms the model for Yamaha's later version YSS-82ZR, which is still in production. When the model first came on the market, it didn't get much attention because Yamaha at that time smelled a bit of a beginner's instrument and didn't really manage to outperform other brands in the market. Since then, many have discovered what a great horn the YSS-62R is and that Yamaha can easily be a good choice when it comes to professional instruments. The saxophone is overhauled by Peter Jessen in 2019. Mouthpiece and hard case included.


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