Oboe KGE LanMeiPlus+

Level: Intermediate
Material: Grenadilla
Keywork: Silver plated nickel silver/ goldplated posts, semi-automatic

By: K.GE

The “LAN MEI”,  an oboe suitable for young student oboists and priced to make the oboe a more accessible instrument for those wanting to begin to learn to play, but still with all the best acoustic properties of a professional model oboe:

  • Seasoned and aged granadilla wood body
  • Conservatoire system
  • Keywork includes: 
    • semi-automatic octave keys,
    • 3rd octave key,
    • C-D trill keys(x2),
    • C-C# trill key,
    • Ab-Bb trill mechanism,
    • Ab-A trill mechanism, 
    • fork F vent key, left hand F key,
    • low C-C# trill mechanism,
    • articulated C# mechanism,
    • low Bb vent
  • Extended F# touch piece  and half covered D touch piece  for greater comfort. 
  • Under-cut tone holes for superior tone quality.


"I was pleasantly surprised to try K.Ge´s "LanMei" oboe: an ideal instrument for begginers and young students, which offers a very balanced tuning, a nice round sound and easiness of playing, with the advantages of the solid synthetic material. The best student model that I have tried so far!" 

Ramon Ortega Quero
Principal Oboe of the Bavarian Radio Orchetstra

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