Yamaha PM6X 02 Silent Brass Flugelhorn

Yamaha PM6X 02 Silent Brass Flugelhorn. Electronic practice mute.
Without Personal Studio (Mute only) 

Model: P40150

Yamaha PM6X 02 Silent Brass Flugelhorn

The revolutionary design of the SILENT Brass™ defies convention and allows players to conveniently store the mute in the bell of their instrument making this innovative mute an essential part of a brass musician’s equipment. Convenience is not the only benefit of the design. The overall balance has been improved and allows players to adopt their natural playing posture.

Brass Resonance Modeling™ is a digital audio processing technology that takes practice to the next level. This unique, cutting-edge technology transforms the sound canceling the sound picked up by the microphone in the mute and then, via Brass Resonance Modeling™, transforming it to simulate the way the sound normally returns to the player from the bell as if playing without a  mute. One of the best examples of this is the trombone system. The sound is reproduced so the player hears the sound slightly left of the center to give a realistic playing feel.

In a remarkably lightweight, compact unit, the SILENT Brass™ mute achieves outstanding sound reduction whilst retaining stable pitch over a wide range, also ensuring optimum airflow. The ‘AUX IN’ minijack allows players to connect their portable audio players or smartphone so that they are able to play along with a full accompaniment.

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