Vandoren V16 alto sax mouthpiece

Vandoren V16 mouthpiece for alto saxophone


A versatile and accessible from Vandoren. A mouthpiece that has a lot to offer for all saxophonists, whether you're a beginner or a professional. 
The mouthpiece is available with two different chambers: 

  • Small - for a gathered, focused sound, well suited for solo and lead playing. (Out of production, available while supplies last)
  • Medium - for a fat sound with a lot of warmth. Ideal for section playing and saxophonists that favors an airy tone. 
  • S+ - the new S+ chamber accomodates more air providing the musician greater flexibility and a wider array of colors with which to work.


Model Tip opening (1/100 mm) Facing Recommended reed strength (Vandoren trad.)
A5 (S+ og M) 188 ML 2½-3½
A6 (S+ og M) 196 ML 2½-3½
A7 (S+ og M) 204 ML 2-3
A8 (S+ og M) 210 MS 2-3
A9 (S+ og M) 225 ML 2-3
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