D'Addario Select Jazz tenor sax mouthpiece

Hard rubber mouthpiece inspired by the legendary pieces from the 1950’s (especially Otto Link). Mouthpiece only – without ligature or cap.

MKS-D6M (.100” or 2.54mm) MKS-D7M (.105” or 2.66mm) MKS-D8M (.110” or 2.79mm) MKS-D9M (.115” or 2.92mm)

A few years ago D’Addario launched the Select Jazz mouthpiece for alto saxophone, and they were an instant success, especially among players who swear by vintage Meyer pieces. Since then, our customers have been asking for a tenor piece from D’Addario. And though it sure took a while, it initially seems that it was worth the wait. The mouthpiece was designed by Kevin Garren at D’Addario with the help of our friend Jeff Coffin (who’s book you should buy here). Normally Jeff plays a Freddie Gregory Mark IV piece, and rumour is that D’Addario modelled the Select Jazz tenor mouthpieces on this mouthpiece.

The main principles:

  • 100% precision-milled, vintage-inspired jazz mouthpiece
  • milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber, using D’Addario’s precise, computer-controlled mouthpiece making technology
  • classic sound and response, with even intonation across the entire range of the saxophone
  • Made in the USA


The mouthpiece is available in the following opening sizes:

  • D6M = .100” (classic Otto Link 7 opening)
  • D7M = .105” (classic Otto Link 7* opening)
  • D8M = .110” (classic Otto Link 8 opening)
  • D9M = .115” (classic Otto Link 8* opening)


While is seems that the opening is the only variable, it should be noted that each model has a slightly different facing curve, in order to compensate for the opening. The smaller mouthpieces have shorter facings (#7 is 24mm, #8 is 25mm, etc.) which gives them a bit more resistance. A Vandoren 2½ feels about right for us on the #7, especially if you like a bit of resistance. On the #8 the reed felt a bit more free and flexible, probably because the facing curve is longer, which means the reed has to bend less and feels softer or easier. So if you prefer harder reeds you will probably like the #8 or #9 best since the reed will play easier. On the smaller pieces you will have more resistance.

The mouthpieces look great. Anyone who has spent a bit of time testing Otto Link (or other vintage pieces) know that they can look really different. The D’Addario mouthpieces look precisely identical with crisp side rails and a smooth baffle.

In terms of sound these mouthpieces are pretty versatile, but do have that round chamber which will give your sound a good, dark body. If you go for slightly harder reeds, this will make them even warmer – especially on the smaller models.

There’s not much to say regarding intonation: These mouthpieces work really well throughout the spectrum of the horn, and eveythinf feels nice and even. All in all, this is a very, very good mouthpiece, especially considering the price.

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