SaxMUTE tenor saxophone

SaxMUTE tenor saxophone. Mute for saxophone, which reduces the volume by 50%. 

Model: P901030

SaxMUTE tenor saxophone

Every saxophone player knows the importance of regular practicing and maybe also the disturbing knocking on the door from roommates or neighbors that don't appreciate daily practice routines in the same way. So how do you make practicing joyfully for everyone, also your neighbors? 

Well, the saxMUTE could be part of your solution, as it claims to reduce the volume by 50%. The mute consists of a number of sponge-like inserts that are placed in the mouthpiece, neck, and bell of the instrument. The sponges allow the air to flow through the instrument, but they do also add a bit of resistance when blowing, which of cause can be regarded as a strategic part of your practice routines. 

Using the saxMUTE with older instruments
On some older models, the low B and Bb keys are placed on the left-hand side of the bell and the C# on the right. (On most modern instruments all of those keys are on the right-hand side.) This might cause the mute to be less effective and the airflow might feel more disturbed than it would on a modern instrument.  

Using the saxMUTE with modern instruments

We have had a broad variety of feedback on the saxMUTE. Some like it a lot and are not bothered by the additional resistance caused by the sponges, while others are disturbed by this. However many have claimed that the reduction in volume might be less than 50%, but this is nothing we have had the chance to actually measure. Nevertheless, this product is a cheap and affordable way to reduce the volume while practicing and keep a good relationship with your surroundings. 

The saxMUTE is made for:

  • Soprano saxophone
  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Bb clarinet
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jeg tror intentionerne har været i orden, men lige meget hvor meget jeg prøver denne mute så sænker den ikke støjniveauet med mere end et par db, så konklusionen er at den ikke virker


produktet er nok lavet i den bedste mening, men efter flitig brug må jeg konstatere at muten ikke virker.Man må nok tilbage til tegnebordet og nogle ingenører for at det kan blive optimeret. med venlig hilsen per schwartz

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