Silverstein ligature alto saxophone

A modern take on the classic string ligature. Provides tons of focus and core to the tone.

Fits: Alto 
Materials: Brushed silver

Alt small Alt medium
You save: 298,00

The Silverstein ligature is essentially a classic string ligature, but with a fantastic design. It's made from a braided thread with screws and tuners in respectively brushed silver.             
The ligature touches a minimum of the reeds surface and allows the reed to vibrate as freely as possible. The so-called fine tuners can be adjusted to achieve precisely the color and focus you're looking for. 

One of many cool things about this ligature is that it's simple but still incredibly sensitive. While "releasing" the reed, and letting it vibrate naturally, it still maintains a soft, dark center. Where similar ligatures sometimes get a bit too "bright", the Silverstein has effectively avoided that risk. 

The ligature can be soaked in water, which prevents the reed from drying out or warping on the mouthpiece. 

Alt small fits the following mouthpieces:
Otto Link Tone Edge
Selmer Soloist
Selmer Super Session
Selmer S80
Selmer S90
Ted Klum
Vandoren V16
Vandoren V5
Yanigasawa Hard Rubber  

Alt medium fits the following mouthpieces:
Beechler Diamond Inlay
Brillhart Ebolin
Drake Contemporary
Jody Jazz HR*
Meyer Vintage
Otto Link Reso Chamber
Ted Klum Versitone Acoustimax 

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