Muramatsu EX flute

Handcrafted Muramatsu flute, model EX

Headjoint: Sterling 925 silver
Body: Silver plated nickel silver
Keywork: Open or closed keys, E-mechanism, optional B-foot

Includes case, cleaning rod and swab
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Closed holes Open holes
C-foot B-foot
Med e-mekanik Uden e-mekanik
Offset G In-line G
Price from
Model: B11EXCC

The Muramatsu EX model is a very popular choice among flute players, and understandably so. The model has a full, broad and warm timbre and is beautifully crafted. When you choose your Muramatsu EX flute, you can pick the specifications which best suit your need. We always carry the most popular models. 

  • E-mechanism and B-foot optional
  • Open or closed hole keys optional  


EXIII-RCI: Open holes C-foot   In-line G
EXIII-CCE: Closed holes C-foot E-mechanism   Off-set G
EXIII-RCE: Open holes  C-foot E-mechanism   Off-set G
EXIII-RBI: Open holes  B-foot   In-line G
EXIII-RBE: Open holes B-foot E-mechanism   Off-set G


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Verdens bedste fløjte! Uden tvivl! Varm, fyldig, og mekanik der bare virker som det skal. er bare SÅ glad for min Muramatsu!

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