Bb Kornet Stomvi Titan Copper

Professional series Bb cornet. Developed specifically for brass bands.


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5835 Bb BellFlex

Vicente Honorato developed the Stomvi Titan Bb Cornet 5 series specifically for brass bands. This is without question one of the finest Bb cornets on the planet.

The Stomvi Titan Bb Cornet is great for:
- Brass Band
- Concert and Symphonic Band
- Cornet Solos
- Chamber Ensembles
- Orchestras


Utilizing our proprietary BellFlex Alloy and Acoustic Treatment, our Titan Brass band model 5855 has clear crisp attacks; an extremely centered blow with defined slots and is even in all registers. It posses a beautiful colorful brilliant tone with excellent projection, and outstanding intonation. These are hallmarks of the entire Titan line. The Stomvi Titan 5855 Bb cornet is a magnificent instrument that makes projecting or blending in a large ensemble a joy.


Leadpipe: #3 Cornet
 Bell: #27 Bellflex
 Bore: Large .464″ (11.78mm)
 Pistons: Hand fit
 Slides: Hand fit
 Main and 3rd Slide Trigger System
 Waterkeys: Improved Amado style
 Finish: Silver plate
 Case: Included


There are three one piece hand hammered bell options:
Bellflex: The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.
Goldbrass: More depth and warmth in medium and quiet dynamics. Still achieving a good bright sound at loud dynamics. Well suited to brass band and orchestral. Probably the most versatile option.
Solid Copper. Warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work.

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