Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet

Student clarinet from Buffet Crampon. 


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Material: ABS Resin. 
Mekanik: Silver plated, 17/6. 
Pads: Leather. 

Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet

Model: C10300

Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet

This Bb clarinet might very well become our student clarinet of choice when it arrives in April. This new model for 2016 replaces the B10 and B10, and seems to be a very worthy adversary to the Yamaha YCL-255, which we have sold hundreds of in the past years - especially to students and schools.

As far as acoustics are concerned, its new processed bore, fashioned after the celebrated E13 and E12F models, allows ease of play and flow without precedent in this sector. The PRODIGE clarinet also benefits from the know-how of French craftsmanship, resulting in reports of very balanced, accurate notes.

At the heart of the instrument, its plastic joints are made of ABS polymer resin, molded in France to ensure a consistent and highly responsive level of quality control. The holes are drilled with a precision controlled by digitally calibrated machines at the Buffet Crampon site in Markneukirchen. Its keywork is assembled in Buffet's Beijing studios established for this purpose in 2015.

* For the first time in this market sector, the clarinet bore is molded in France and then processed in Germany to ensure dimensional consistency as well as the Buffet Crampon sound that musicians expect.



  • Key of Bb  / Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Body: Co-polymeric ABS
  • Poly-cylindrical bore according to the E13 model
  • Barrel: 65mm
  • Keywork: 17 keys / 6 rings (18/6 as an option)
  • Optional Eb lever
  • Silver-plated keywork (Nickel as an option)
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Rubber damper
  • Blue steel springs
  • Leather pads
  • Urban play (plastic) mouthpiece
  • Backpack case


All new instruments have been inspected and played through in our workshop to correct any problems, usually small leaks in pads and maybe some minor adjustments on the mechanics. A unique service that ensures the beginner the optimal start with an instrument that works properly.

When you buy your clarinet from our webshop, we offer you one free service check within 6 months from the date of purchase.

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Virkelig god kvalitet! Og fedt at den har læderpuder... Det har jeg ikke kunnet finde nogle andre begynderklarinetter der har.


Tak for den nye klarinet som jeg modtog sidste uge. Jeg havde den med til undervisning i går, og min lærer har godkendt den. Hun siger at det er en rigtigt god begyndeklarinet. Jeg troede egentlig at jeg skulle have en i træ, men jeg kan forstå at det er der ingen grund til. Den her Buffet spiller helt super til mit niveau lige nu.


Meget velspillende og god til begynder som mig. Den tjener mig sikkert fint i nogen tid endnu. Den er en fornøjelse at øve på, og så har den jo ikke træklarinettens risiko for at revne hvis man ikke er flittig med rensekluden. Og så lyder den bedre og bedre hver uge - især hvis jeg øver mig. Jeg er glad for min Buffet klarinet !

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