Alto saxophone, Forestone

Hand built Forestone alto saxophone 

Level: Professional
Material: Cryogenically treated brass

ProTec case included

Model: D1FSAS
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Professional Forestone saxophone, developed by Japanese master craftsman Atushi Watanabe. The parts are made in Taiwan and put together and adjusted by Watanabe at Forestone's workshop in Japan. In many ways, the Forestone alto is similar to the Yamaha YAS-62. The defining differences are:

  • All parts of the saxophone undergo DCTV treatment: The parts are frozen to -193 degrees celsius, to make the molecular structure uniform. 
  • The saxophone is designed from a hybrid construction: the solderings between body and keywork are minimized, so the saxophone can vibrate more freely.
  • Every saxophone is put together and adjusted by Atushi Watanabe, and not just any factory worker. This means that the factory set-up works incredibly well.

The saxophone is delivered with a ProTec case.  

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